StringART   by  Ursula  Stirnimann C
by Meyer- Stirnimann, 2021
All images, texts, as well as the name StringART, are protected by copyright. They are subject to copyright and may not be used without our consent, in any way whatsoever, without our permission.
Ursula Stirnimann Bauernkamp 24 D - 29223 Celle
The photographic material was supplied by the following persons: „Weg der Erkenntnis“, Lui Brehm, CH- Luzern „Das Urtier“, Ch. Heer, F- Mulhouse „Der Trompeter“, Wüfostudio, D- Berlin All other pictures: U. Meyer, D- Celle Digital image editing: U. Meyer, D- Celle Translations of the Storys by Dr. Judith Wilson, Cheltenham - England All another translations by
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