StringART   by  Ursula  Stirnimann C by Meyer- Stirnimann, 2021
At the age of 19, Ursula Stirnimann was faced with the all- important question "Live or Die?". Countless operations and multiple stays in intensive care units, had led to the realm of physical self- destruction. Years later, however, she began to understand that lived through fear of death and physical pain, were the basis for her artistic career! The author U. Maya writes about how the Swiss artist Ursula Stirnimann found her way to art. "Ursula Stirnimann, The Challenge," a biography of her life and work. 231 pages, 13,2 x 20,4 cm, 6 art prints in color.
Art catalog german/ english, 18 pages 15,0 x 21,0 cm, 20 Euro, plus 5 Euro for shipping and handling
„Welt aus (an) Fäden", a documentary on the occasion of Ursula Stirnimann's benefit exhibition in Hann. Münden in summer 2008. A documentary by Elgard Steinmüller, running time: 25 minutes. Copyright by Elstein- Studio, Postmeisterstr. 12, D - 34346 Hann. Münden.
Whether it is the grain of sand which is being taught by the Holy Mountain Meru or a person who is searching for the meaning of life, in the short stories of the writer Uwe Maya you will find the depiction of timeless truths. – Twelve stories for lingering, contemplating and meditating. 96 pages, 11,5 x 18,0 cm, 11,50 Euro, incl. mailing.
God, the all-creating, animating and reabsorbing, the nameless, but nevertheless bearing all names, the ineffable, the inexplicable, the incomprehensible, the mystery, plays, by bringing forth the creation and maintaining the incessant becoming and passing away with Himself.
Filou the raindrop, visits the earth. After a long and adventurous journey that takes him from the skyscrapers of a city, to the Indians in the jungle, it is finally the scorching power of the sun that brings him back to the place of his origin. U. Maya, "Filou der Regentropfen", a children's book for ages 5 and up. 13 pages, 29.5 x 21.0 cm, ring stitched, currently out of print. New edition is planned.
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