StringART   by  Ursula  Stirnimann C
by Meyer- Stirnimann, 2021
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StringART (engl. = thread art) is a collective term for a generally little known image design technique, which is to be assigned to the field of fine arts.By stringing together different yarns and fixing them to a solid surface, yarn pictures are created. The term "StringART" was coined in the early 90s by the Swiss textile artist Ursula Stirnimann. Geographically StringART pictures are to be distinguished in principle between Far East (China), the American continent and Europe. While in China predominantly silk threads are processed to miniatures the Huichol Indians in Mexico, for example, use relatively coarse and strong cotton threads. In Europe, on the other hand, artificial silk and mercerized cotton yarns are used. StringART „paintings“ are often very colorful and expressive! Technique: Art silk and cotton yarns are glued to a substrate, usually it is a wooden plate. While the Huichol Indians use specially prepared tree resins, in Europe, rather modern industrial adhesives serve as adhesion promoters. On the appropriately prepared wooden plates yarn threads are laid and fixed individually by hand. The origin of the yarn pictures is not exactly known. On the one hand, it is claimed that China is the starting point. On the other hand, it is assumed that missionaries introduced this technique in Mexico. Literature: "The wool pictures of the Huichol" by Dirk Hassler, ISBN (E-book): 978-3-640-08182-0, "Ursula Stirnimann - The Challenge", by U. Maya, ISBN: 3-952-0380-0-8 Museums: In the Landesmuseum Hannover Yarn Pictures of the Huichol- Indians can be seen, and in the Textile Museum in Heidelberg one of Ursula Stirnimann's main main works ("The balancing Act") by Ursula Stirnimann.