StringART   by  Ursula  Stirnimann C
by Meyer- Stirnimann, 2021
Ursula Stirnimann was born in Zurich in 1959. Already at a young age the desire matured to embark on an artistic career. In 1977 she created her first work. Significantly, it bore the title "The Experiment". However, since artistic work was not yet able to provide a living, Ursula Stirnimann initially worked in the Leuenberger art and frame store in Zürich. In the following years, however, she persistently and consistently continued to strive for the constant refinement of her extraordinary artistic style. 1984 followed the courageous change into the artistic independence. The experiences of many, in each case several months' stays in Spain and India, let develop a close relationship to these countries and their people and found and find thereby lasting influence on her pictures. In more than 45 years numerous individual exhibitions took place at home and abroad. A biography of the artist's life and work appeared on the book market in 1993. Ursula Stirnimann lives and works in Germany since 1997.
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